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Yellowstone Park Guided Tours


Spring and Summer Bear Viewing Photography Tours In Yellowstone National Park

View Grizzly Bears and Black Bears in Their Natural Habitat


I have retired and no longer offering tours. I highly recommend Dr. Nathan Varley and his wife Linda who own and operate The Wild Side LLC out of Gardiner, Montana. They offer and lead excellent, first rate tours into Yellowstone to view wolves, bears, hiking etc.... Please contact them for all of your Yellowstone Tour needs.


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  Viewing wild grizzlies during the summer in Yellowstone Park is an excellent way to view bears in their natural habitat.

    Grizzlies are viewed with spotting scopes. While spotting and viewing bears the group will learn through open discussion everything they ever wanted to know about bears, wolves, Yellowstone Park or anything else they are interested in.

    Elk, bison, bald eagles, harrier hawks, coyotes, and once in awhile wolves are also viewed along with grizzlies during this tour.
 Note: During the summer this is a wild backcountry tour, not a road tour like most other guides offer.




Spring/Summer Bear and Wolf Viewing Tours:

March, April and May, June, July, August, September, October




Guests meet up at the north entrance. Early AM tours are offered.

Groups make use of the road system to cover a much larger area, and use the vehicle for safety. Guides can allow bears to get much closer to groups during the spring while in the vehicle. Photography equipment is welcome and encouraged.


Guests are encouraged to lodge up at the north entrance during the spring months. It often snows during these months and the park service will close the roads south of Mammoth at night until late the next morning when they can clear the roads and make them safe. Lodging up at the north entrance at either Mammoth Hotel or Gardiner, Montana allows us access into two separate areas. If it snows and the roads south of Mammoth are closed, we have access into the northern range which does not shut down or close when it snows. We always have a backup area.


March: This is primarily a wolf viewing month. We always start to see bears emerge from winter dens around March 15, but they do not all exit dens at the same time. It is a slow progression. With adult females with new born cubs emerging last, usually in late April. Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Bison, Eagles, Wolves, Coyotes, Red Fox and occasionally we will see River Otters.


April: As we get into April, the numbers of bears that show up start to increase. It varies each year and is based on weather, and snow melt. Sometime near the end of the month, the last bears to exit their dens--the females with new born cubs start to show up. We will also see Pronghorn, who have spent the winter in Gardiner start to show up as they migrate back in. The bison will begin to give birth to calves around the end of the month. Black and Grizzly Bears, Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Bison with new born calves, Eagles, Owls, Red Fox, Coyotes, Ground Squirrels, Wolves are what can be expected.


May: The first week of May we are still accessing the northern range. As the roads south of Mammoth open, tours will often use other areas of the park--depending on weather conditions and bear activity.


Black and Grizzly Bears, Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Bison with new born calves, Eagles, Owls, Red Fox, Coyotes, Ground Squirrels, Wolves are common.










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