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Bozeman, Livingston, Mammoth, and Big Sky, Montana
Area Road Map

Map, and driving directions from Bozeman airport (Gallatin Field) to Big Sky Ski Resort, West Yellowstone, and from
Bozeman, Montana, to Mammoth, Yellowstone Park


bozeman, big sky area road mapDriving from Bozeman Airport to Mammoth, Yellowstone

   When flying into Bozeman (BZN) airport, the airport is actually located in Belgrade, Montana a suburb just West of Bozeman. The exit road out of the airport "T's" into frontage road (historic highway 10) which runs east/west, and parallels Interstate 90.

   The airport is located on the north side of I-90.

   Taking a right (west) out of the airport will lead you into Belgrade, Mt. 0.5 miles from the airport. You have access to Interstate 90, as well as fast food, groceries, hotels, fuel, etc........

  As you enter the town of Belgrade from the airport, the road you are on turns into Main Street. There are two 4-way stops on Main Street.

Drive through the first one (Main & Broadway) and keep driving another 1/4 mile or so and you will come to the second 4-way stop (Jackrabbit & Main) which has a light. Make a left onto Jackrabbit Lane.

   You are now on HWY 191 South/ Jackrabbit Lane which will lead you to Interstate 90.

Note: When accessing I-90 from Belgrade, you have to be in the right hand lane as you go over the bridge which spans the Interstate to access the east bound access lane of I-90. Its crazy I know, but its the way they built the access ramp.

  Taking a left out of the airport (east) onto frontage road will lead you into Bozeman--about 8 miles. The frontage road makes a sweeping right hand turn just as you enter Bozeman and the road changes, or merges into Nth 7th street (its the same road, the name just changes). You have access to tons of fast food, Wal-Mart, Hotels, and Interstate 90.


From Bozeman (or Belgrade) to Mammoth, Yellowstone Park

  After you access I-90 and are driving East from Bozeman, there are two (2) exits for Livingston, Montana----25 miles from Bozeman. Take the second exit----EXIT 333, it is the more direct access.

  Make a left onto Hwy 89 South after exiting the interstate, this will take you to Gardiner--53 miles and then on into Yellowstone Park via the North Entrance at Gardiner, Montana. Entrance fee's

  Drive time from Bozeman airport to Mammoth, Y.N.P. is about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

  You have access to grocery's, fuel, and fast food in Livingston. Gas, and food prices are generally the same in Livingston as they are in Bozeman, but more expensive in Gardiner or Mammoth. All are located at the exit and easy to see and locate.

  There is a small grocery store, and post office in Gardiner (the north entrance community, 5 miles from Mammoth), but prices are higher than in Livingston or Bozeman.


Yellowstone Park Maps


Driving from Bozeman Airport to Big Sky Ski Resort

and West Yellowstone Montana

  Take a right (west) out of the airport onto frontage road and drive into Belgrade, Montana-- 0.5 miles from the airport.

  As you enter the town of Belgrade, the frontage road merges or changes into Main Street. There are two 4-way stops on Main Street, drive through the first one (Main & Broadway) and keep driving another 1/4 mile or so and you will come to the second 4-way stop (Jackrabbit & Main).

  Make a left onto Jackrabbit Lane. You are now on Jackrabbit Lane/HWY 191 South which will lead you to "4-Corners" the western edge of Bozeman, then Gallatin Gateway, Big Sky Ski Resort, and finally West Yellowstone, Montana.

   Big Sky Ski Resort is 45 miles or about an hours drive south of the airport, and West Yellowstone is 90 miles or about a 1 hour, 40 minute drive (in good weather).

  Gas prices are cheaper in Bozeman, "4 Corners", and Belgrade than they are at Big Sky or West Yellowstone. West Yellowstone has the most expensive gas in the state.

  You have access to groceries, fast food, fuel, and hotels in Belgrade, Montana. Most are located on Jackrabbit Lane / Hwy 191 South. Groceries, fast food and some fuel stations are located on the north side of I-90 overpass. Hotels, and a Flying J Truck Stop are located on the south side of I-90 overpass.

Did you forget something? There is a sporting goods store located on the left, a few hundred yards before you get to 4-corners, and the 4-way stop light.


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